About Us

About DDS

Our values and culture are embodied by our Company Mission Statement;

At DDS Group Ltd, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality turnkey solution in an ever-changing environment, defined by safety, integrity, honesty and trust, whilst promoting a healthy work environment for all employees, where a respect for diversity and room for growth culminates in exceptional service and company spirit.


Strategically approaching each project on it’s individual merits and requirements. We have grown and nurtured a trusted Contracts Team and take great care and consideration to appoint the right team with the right experience to each project. The experience and capabilities of our Operatives is always project specific to ensure that we have the best team in place.


With a broad remit for safety across many sectors, DDS are constantly striving to improve our working practices, keeping our staff up to date with industry developments using industry-leading training organisations.

Safety Culture

We are proud of our safety record – we have occurrences, we encourage staff to feel confident and supported in reporting them, and most importantly we learn from them – building a stronger foundation within our Health and Safety culture.

Our History

Our values and culture are embodied by our Company Mission Statement.

Set up in 1977, ‘Downfast Demolition and Salvage Ltd’ was originally established to undertake projects in East Kent with high volumes of architectural salvage (e.g. Bricks, Tiles etc) which we cleaned, processed and resold back into the local marketplace. As time progressed, so did our reputation as an honest and fair family-run business, which spurred our growth in the construction industry and began our evolution into DDS Demolition, now a national demolition contractor.

Over 40 years later, DDS has grown from strength to strength and undertakes projects across a wide range of sectors for an even broader range of clients. Applying the experience gained from the demolition of complex structures in challenging locations, DDS is recognised by repeat clients for doing things the right way, without compromising safety or quality.