Ibstock Yellow Stock Brick/ 215x102x65mm Pack of 475 @£0.75p +Vat each

Product Details
Ibstock Laybrook Yellow Stock Bricks/ 215x102x65mm Pack of 475 @£427.50/ pack To Clear! Ref: A0775A. Expect marks and chips from storage but not used. Mixed surfaces as pictured. Warm and rich yellow colour. Traditional and slightly weathered texture. Smooth surface with occasional slight irregularities Made from high-quality clay and fired for durability. Suitable for both external and internal brickwork. Excellent durability and weather resistance Call:01843 821555 option 4   Email:reclamation@dds-group.co.uk  Price:£0.75p +Vat per brick / £427.50/ pack To Clear!  

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