Antique Pine Boards/Kent Barn Boards 23×170-175mm @£40/m2 +Vat (£48/m2)

Product Details
Batch of Reclaimed Antique Pine Boards/Kent Barn Boards 23x170-175mm @£40/m2 +Vat (£48/m2). This batch reclaimed and salvaged from an old Barn renovation. Character look boards with original face/ "hit & miss" finish, large nail holes, reverse side Planed through, see pictures. Ideal character floor boards. De-nailed, but will have some soft galvanised nails in the boards, random lengths. Approx. sizes: 23x170-175mm, but some variation in sizing expected. Ideal for feature walls/ floors, photo shoots, T.V. film props etc. see pictures. Call:01843 821555 option 4  Price: @£40/m2 +Vat

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