Lowara NSCE 50-160/55/P25VCS4 Centrifugal Pump/ 5.5kW Motor @£595 each Inc Vat

Product Details
Used Lowara NSCE 50-160/55/P25VCS4 Centrifugal End Suction Electrical Pump with 5.5kW Motor @£595 each Inc Vat. SKU 101840450; Date:2020. Power supply 400V 3~ 50Hz. 3 phase Centrifugal Impeller Pump, Heavy-duty cast iron end suction pump; These pumps were taken from a working system and cost £2500 +Vat each. Sold in "as is" condition, sold as untested 2 available Call:01843 821555 option 4   Email:reclamation@dds-group.co.uk  Price:£595 each Inc Vat

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