Reclaimed Timber/ Ekki/Azobe Marine Grade Hardwood Timber 3″x8″ lengths 1500-2000mm @£28.80 each

Product Details
Batch to Clear! Please note these Ekki timbers are sold in unsorted random lengths between 1500-2000mm. Untreated, sold in “as is” condition, the timber is reclaimed so will have knocks, dents, some splits, bolt holes, broken ends. Approx Size: 75x190mm. Reclaimed Ekki (Azobe) Heavy Duty Marine Grade Tropical Hardwood Timber Heavy dense timber from West Africa. Generally, Ekki is considered one of the strongest timbers in the world, sometimes called “Red Ironwood” as it sinks in water, almost double strength of Oak. Ideal timber for Marine Applications / Groyne Posts / Sea Defence Timber / Bridge Building/ Walkways and Paths / Piling Posts/ Outrigger Pads / Access Platform Mats / Boat/ Ship Building and Construction of Quays and Pontoons / Golf Course Construction/ Landscaping earth retaining, for Sleepers or general garden projects. See pictures of batch for example condition. Call:01843 821555 option 4  Price:@£28.80 each Inc Vat

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