Royal Engineers Art Print/Brompton Barracks/The Independent Field Troop AMF(L)

Product Details
Royal Engineers Framed Art Print from Brompton Barracks Signed by David Rowlands Artists Proof 1995. Limited to 100 Prints plus Artists Proofs. The Independent Field Troop AMF(L) Royal Engineers 1973-1995. "The Independent Field Troop provided engineer support to the UK element of the Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (Land), and deployed annually to Norway for Arctic Warfare Training. This Painting, depicting its final exercise, was commissioned to mark the disbandment of the Troop on 31st March 1995" @£125. Listing is for 1 framed Print, as pictured, good condition, a few minor marks, annotations/hand written notes on reverse. Call:01843 821555 option 4  Price: £125 Inc Vat each

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